Campfire Ministries’ is about people …

and the impact and power of God’s love through Jesus Christ to transform lives.

The Vision of Campfire Ministries is to expand the already successful summer program at CAMP BOB into a multi-season and ultimately year-round ministry

Program Goals for 2016

          • To continue developing multi-season Adventure programs for school groups
          • To continue developing our Adventure Challenge – OUTBOUND program, creating a back-country adventure experience for leaders and youth wanting to explore new challenges beyond CAMP BOB

Long Term Goals

          • To develop a year-round Camp & Retreat Centre, fully functional for multi-season programming and activities benefitting local and First Nations communities
          • To develop Missions Outreach and Day Camp programs that can be taken into outlying communities on Northern Vancouver and the BC Coast

In 2013, Campfire Ministries was awarded a 30 year NRT License of Occuptation by the Province of British Columbia for approximately 28 hectares (65 acres) of Crown Land on the north end of Roberts Lake.

This NRT includes acceptance of a long term Devlopment Plan for CAMP BOB. (Read the story under About Us: History)

New DEVELOPMENT begins at Camp Bob in 2014

2014 ProjectsPHASE ONEService Infrastructure & Access to CAMP BOB

          • 1 KM Road Access into CAMP BOBCOMPLETED!
          • Parking area – COMPLETED!
          • Private Boat Launch Access to facilitate the waterfront program at CAMP BOB – COMPLETED!
          • 2 Staff RV Sites – COMPLETED!
          • Playing Field – Roughed in

2015 Projects – Service Infrastructure Development continues

          • New First Aid / Tuck Shop Building – COMPLETED!
          • 2 New Staff RV Campsites – COMPLETED!
          • New Girls Outhouse Unit c/w Holding Tank – COMPLETED!
          • New Commercial Fridge for Kitchen – COMPLETED!
          • New Generator – COMPLETED!

2016 Projects – Projected

          • New Boys Outhouse Unit c/w Holding Tank
          • Staff RV Campsite Development cont’d
          • Waste Management Infrastucture
                  • Holding / pump tanks for kitchen & showers
          • Water Management Infrastructure
                  • Additional water storage tank
                  • Booster Pump & auto-dose injection for water disinfection
                  • Upgrade water lines
          • New Tent Platform – CLT side
          • New Outhouses – CLT side